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Smart Cal

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Project Details

Smart Cal is a web application software for Local Purchase Department-1, CHO of Palmal Group. Main focus of this application is Purchase Order Management of Garments Accessories for all factories of Palmal Group.

  • LPD-1 can create purchase order of different garments accessories like cartoon, board, sewing -thread, gum-tape, fabrics etc.
  • All the accessories have complex calculation to get item quantity or size which are implemented through JavaScript & jQuery.
  • Also, final item price is calulated through a complex calculation which is impelementd through JavaScript & jQuery.

My Contribution at Software Development Life Cycle:

  • Planning & Requirement Analysis
  • Defining Requirements
  • Designing & Product Architecture
  • Building & Developing the Product
  • Testing the Product
  • Deployment & Maintenance

Users: Local Purchase Department-1 at CHO of Palmal Group.