Project Details

IT Procurement & Inventory Management System named “IT Flow”

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Project Details

IT Flow is procurement & inventory management system for IT & MIS department of Palmal Group.
Main Features are given below:

  • Product setup based on different parameters.
  • Purchase order generation, receive product with invoice & challan based of purchase order.
  • Deliver product based approved requisition provided bey concerns factories & employees.
  • Internal bill process for top management & accounts department.
  • Inventory management like product tracking, servicing, product service history, damage product management etc.
  • Different report according to top management requirements like monthly purchas, issue, current stock balance etc.

My Contribution at Software Development Life Cycle:

  • Planning & Requirement Analysis
  • Defining Requirements
  • Designing & Product Architecture
  • Building & Developing the Product
  • Testing the Product
  • Deployment & Maintenance

User: IT & MIS at CHO